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There is a large focus on getting more homes built in Clayton as there is a steady population growth. With all of the open land that Clayton provides, there is so much room for additional units. Whether it be schools, malls, parks, , see it. However, only realtors have been able to list homes on an MLS. ListingSpark doesn’t just list your home. Relying on the neighbors , and Uncle Bob’s second cousin has its limitations. Even paying for the MLS listing won’t be enough because there’s no incentive for an agent to bring a buyer to a FSBO. If you choose to buy a house without the help of a Realtor, you need to be prepared to do all the work they could do for you. This starts with getting a mortgage pre-approval letter, which determines the home price range you can afford. Own Up makes it easy to generate customized pre-approval letters in the exact amount you want up to the maximum you can afford. You will also need to set up visits to see homes for sale. Make sure you consider closing costs, in addition to the down payment, when evaluating the price of a homes for sale near me“Canada has some of the best golf courses in the world, along with incredible residential communities associated with the game,” said Scott Kauffman, an analyst specializing in global golf developments. “This has always been """"""""


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