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Oulton Park - Good Points Scored

Grid 1 – 8, Race 1 – 9

Grid 2 – 9, Race 2 – 5

Grid 3 – 7, Race 3 – 6

“We were quick in the wet on Friday and perhaps wanted a bit more in the dry, because we did well in testing. We were a bit late out for qualifying as we had an issue with the brake bias, so I needed to calm down after that and I didn’t perform as well as I should have.

“I wasn’t aggressive enough on the opening lap of race one and throughout the race I wasn’t attacking enough and was too busy looking in my mirrors. Alice [Powell] spoke to me and told me to calm down and I slept on it and came back with a completely different mindset.

“I started ninth for race two and was more aggressive after looking at the data to see where I could improve. It was a wet race and I knew I had the pace from practice, and I picked places up, including a move around the outside into turn one which I was quite proud of! I made my way up to fifth and the front four had got away, so if I had started further up potentially, I could have mixed with them.

“Race three was positive – I fell back one place at the start even though my start wasn’t terrible. I kept where I was for the first few laps but when the tyres came in, I could attack and at the end we were sixth and rapidly catching Alex Connor ahead. Overall, it was a positive weekend and we scored points in every race, which we haven’t done yet.”

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