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Knockhill - First Pole Position Start

Grid 1 – 8, Race 1 – 6

Grid 2 – 1, Race 2 – DNF

Grid 3 – 8, Race 3 – DNF

“We struggled a bit in qualifying. I’ve not been to Knockhill before this week, so I was learning each time we went out on track. Race one was decent; I kind of stayed in my position though I fell back a bit at the start and made my way forward but then I was battling for fifth and I was put on the grass, which was annoying, so I finished sixth.

“Finishing sixth put me on pole for race two and it is such a good opportunity so I thought I would make the most of it and get a podium because we knew we had the pace and talent to do it, but I didn’t even make it to the first corner unfortunately. The same driver I had an incident with, in race one, hit my rear and took me out of the race. It’s a learning curve, I guess, but it’s not right at the same time, so I knew I had nothing to lose for race three.

“I was quite amped up before race three because of the incident earlier and sadly something broke at the rear and made it basically undriveable until Alice [Powell] threw out the board and called me in to the pits. I was ready to keep going but if I did the rear would have collapsed and that would be even more damage.

“I tried to keep my position even with the problem because I thought it was a slow puncture at first. It’s disheartening having two bad weekends in a row, but I will keep my head high. We know the team has a good setup for Thruxton and has had good results in the past with three wins last year with two different drivers, so hopefully we can repeat that success.”

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